The Support Test for Blog Hosting

Step #1 – Call the Support Team

Time the call and see if you can get a live person on the phone in less than two minutes. If you can’t, they are too busy for your call and the longer you have to wait, the worse off they are. A busy support staff means their servers go down regularly and they are working on other things or they just don’t staff enough employees for the customers they have.


Step #2 – Ask a few Questions

When you get someone on the line, as a few technical questions about their cheapest web hosting. This will give you an idea of how they will deal with you. If they are kind and professional, you can keep them on your list and move onto the next step. If they are rude, immediately transfer you or give you inaccurate answers, they don’t pass the test.

Step #3 – Contact Support through Email


Testing the email function is a very important part of the support test for blog hosting companies. You shouldn’t expect a response within just a minute or two, but anything longer than an hour is too long. When you do have a question for the support team and it’s not urgent, you can use the email function, but you don’t want to be stuck waiting for days.

Step #4 – Contact the Online Chat Support

Online chat support is a very good option and you want to test it by asking a few questions. Again, just like the phone support, you should be able to get someone rather quick and they should respond to your questions pretty fast, as well. This will give you the ability to use this option whenever you need to contact support, if you prefer.

FatCow blog hosting passed our test with flying colors and they offer some of the best support out there. Some of the most popular blog hosting sites did not do so well because they have become overwhelmed with too much business. You need to make sure you get great support and the easiest way to get amazing support is to choose FatCow for your blog hosting.

Why the Support Test Matters


Support slows down when older servers, unreliable servers or overcrowded servers are being used by a hosting company. This causes many issues, which increases the volume of the support tickets opened through all three options. If the support staff can’t handle the incoming calls, online chat requests and emails, they won’t be a good hosting company for you.

Many of the most popular blog hosting sites overload their servers, which is not a good thing. BlueHost used to be one of the best, but they have since taken on so much business without expanding their server rooms, that their hosting has slowed down quite a bit. Just look around the web and you will find complaints about this past top blog hosting company.

However, FatCow blog hosting is not experiencing these issues. They have continued to dominate with incredible support. This is partially due to the fact that they use very reliable Linux servers and they expand whenever necessary. There is a specific limit for each server and they refuse to go over it. This allows Fatcow hosting to continue to offer the best hosting for a cheap price.

There are many web hosting companies you can compare and if you are looking at iPage vs. FatCow, you need to understand the key differences. They both have many things in common and you may have to dig a bit to find the differences, but they are out there. The price is about the same and they both give you unlimited space and bandwidth.


They also both provide you with access to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other tools. So far, they are about the same, but we are going to get into what separates these two companies. Before we do, you should know they both provide shared hosting and they only offer one package. Both iPage and FatCow specialize in shared web hosting and they put all their resources into this one type of hosting to keep the price low.

We consider both companies to be cheap web hosting providers because they offer hosting for under $10 a month. With the price being below $4 a month for each company, this won’t be what finalizes your decision. However, when you really look at iPage vs. FatCow and you get down to the things that really matter, you will see the clear winner is FatCow hosting.

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